The UMPO's performing subsidiary, Orquesta has performed at many functions. Its members have experience from school band, private classes & even UMPO music classes. The performances by the Orquesta are the among the most sought-after within UMP & the group has been invited to perform outside.

Been there, done that
Malam Gagasan Budaya
Malam Inspirasi Seni
Malam Tiong Huat

Malam Gagasan Budaya
Malam Ambang Merdeka
Sambutan Hari Raya UMP
UMP Mooncake Festival
Malam Perasmian Kolej Kediaman 3
UMP Convocation 2007

Pesta Xin Chun
Fiesta Muzika MAKUM 2008
Makan Malam Debat NC
International Convention for Civil Engineers (ICCE) Dinner
UMP Convocation 2008
Malam Inspirasi Seni 2008
Pesta Tanglung 2008
Malam Gagasan Budaya 2008

Tenun Nusantara 2009
MINDS Assimilation Night 2009
Majlis Penganugerahan MASUM 2009
Malam Gagasan Budaya 2009
Majlis Anugerah Cendekia Bitara 2009

Makan Malam Komemoratif Konvokesyen UMP 2009
Chinese Annual Dinner 2009
FestKUM Acoustic Competition 2009

Konsert Amal Tabung Sinar Harian
UMP Chinese New Year Dinner
UMPO MiniJam
Jom Masuk U
Konsert Amal Matahari
Malam Kesenian Ilmu MINDS 2010
Malam Gagasan Budaya 2010
Majlis Konvokesyen UMP 2010
FestKUM Acoustic Competition 2010

Pertandingan Lagu Puisi 'Apakah Dosaku'
UMP Chinese New Year Dinner 2011
PETAKOM Dinner 2011
UMPO Minijam

Upcoming Events
UMPO Workshop

Festival of Music by ASEAN University Arts Council
UMPO Charity Night

If you would like the UMPO to perform for your function(s), kindly contact the webmaster.

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