The UMP Orchestra (UMPO) is the young orchestra of Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP), a technical university specializing in engineering courses. 
Established in February 2006, the UMPO was merely a group of less 30 people, with only 5 performing members. 

The UMPO has come a long way since. Now there are nearly 50 members with more than 25 performing members. The UMPO has one of the biggest student participation in the university. Music theory classes are conducted weekly within the university. The group has been featured in various university functions, big and small. 

We aim to become the most prestigious orchestra in the state of Pahang, eventually to surpass orchestras from other universities in Malaysia.

1. To instill self-confidence, responsibility, interpersonal, leadership & communication skills in our members.
2. To promote music as a form of culture & to cultivate a strong love for music among university residents & the nearby communities.
3. To unite individuals through music, regardless of race, religion or background.
4. To create well-rounded individuals by using music as a medium to promote self-improvement.