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To protect the creativity copyright of OG scores, performers may access GoogleDocs to obtain the latest documents & music scores. Please contact the webmaster with your full name & contact number to obtain the username & password. Thank you.
The Chinese Culture Committee is organizing the UMP Chinese New Year Event 2010. Promising to be bigger than before, the event will be held from 26-28 Feb at UMP. 

The song list is being discussed & a theme song is in the works. Stay tuned!
A joint charity event between Sinar newspaper & UMP will be held on 9 Jan at Balok. Full details will be released later.

To performing members, please provide your email address or contact the webmaster to receive the scores ASAP.

Thank you.
Semester 2 session 2009/2010 begins on 28 Dec, Monday. There will be a meeting for ALL UMP Orchestra members on 1 Jan (Friday), 8pm at the music studio (1st floor, UMP sports complex). 

Meeting agenda:
  • Introduction to new trainer
  • Reorganization of committee members
  • Discussion about upcoming activities & performances
  • Other issues
Attendance is compulsory for all members. 

Thank you!
The UMP Orchestra's Resources Section is now online! This section contains links to other sites providing musical resources as well as scores written & performed by OG members. Feel free to download the scores; do include UMP Orchestra in the credits. 

If there are scores you would like to request, please contact the webmaster (refer to Contact section). Thank you!
UMP Orchestra would like to wish all our members & friends Merry Christmas & have a Happy New Year! 

Now that FEStKUM 2009 is over, it's time to reflect on our strengths & weaknesses. Despite a poor showing, we're more determined to do better the next time around. Training will be more intensive & with our new trainer, things will be looking better! We're definitely looking into expanding our repertoire & improving our technical skills. 

Thanks for the support & we apologize for any misdeeds.

PS. Performance & rehearsal videos are up on YouTube.
The OG troupe is on the bus to UiTM Shah Alam as we speak. Confirmed 11 people strong, we'll be there to present 2 songs & we'll try our best! We've faced many challenges & we'll overcome more until we reach the end! Good luck!