UMP Orchestra will be participating in the acoustic competition under FEStKUM from 9-12 Dec in UiTM Shah Alam. Different from last year's Fiesta Muzika competition, the acoustic competition prohibits use of brasswind & electric instruments (except for bass guitar). Each university can send between 5-12 individuals. We've lined up our performers, the songs are being prepared & we're gearing up for one of the best competitions in the local arena!

Training begins this Saturday 21 Nov after finals.

Wish us luck!
Some OG members took to the studio to release their tension from studying for the finals. The songs played on 14/11/09 are Linkin Park's What I've Done & New Divide, Michael Jackson's Heal the World, Pandang-pandang Jeling-jeling, Taylor Swift's Love Story & theme song from Huang Fei Hong movie.

The scores for What I've Done, New Divide & Heal the World are being written out now.

Head on to our YouTube channel for the new updates!

The Final Exams are around the corner! From 6-10 Dec, UMP-ians will be fighting to the last! Good luck to all OG members!

PS. To previous ABRSM candidates, please claim your result slips & certificates from the webm