Theory classes will begin on 10 Oct at Block Y. The schedule is as follows:
9am-10am: Grade 1
10am-11am: Grade 3
11am-12pm: Grade 5
12pm-1pm: Grade 6

Please bring appropriate amount for the class fees. Thank you!
Rehearsal will begin on 25/9 night at the new studio. All performing members are required to return to UMP by 25/9 afternoon latest. Food will be provided. Bonang songs undetermined. Confirmed songs are Madu Tiga, Yang Mana Satu Idaman Kalbu, Aci Aci Buka Pintu, Luluh & Getaran Jiwa.

On 23/8/09, the OG sent 4 members from the piano/keyboard section to the Classical2Contemporary Piano Seminar organized by in Armada Hotel, PJ. The seminar conducted by Ms. Karen, an accomplished musician, introduced us to the different styles of contemporary music & the traits of each style. The participants now have a better understanding of contemporary music & learned how to arrange simple songs for blues, swing & even Latin America

October 09 promises to be a busy month as the OG will prepare for UMP Convocation 2009 (2/10 & 3/10), Malam Inspirasi Seni 2009 (10/10), Chinese Annual Dinner 2009 & Pesta Tanglung 2009. Rehearsals are underway. Stay tuned!
Organized by Jupiter & Bentley Music, the Boston Brass Clinic conducted by the Boston Brass Band was a success. The OG sent 4 trumpet players & 1 trombone player to the clinic held at Bentley Music Auditorium. The program featured the MPYO as the band gave advice on playing brass instruments & performed pieces from their new album. Photos & videos related to this event are already uploaded! Check them out!
The Music Studio at UMP's Sports Complex is undergoing renovation, scheduled to be complete by October. The webmaster will try to get images of the proposed wooden floors and studio design!