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Due to increasing number of students diagnosed with A(H1N1)-like symptoms, there will be no music class this Saturday, 1 August 2009. The performance for Malam Inspirasi Seni (8 August) will be announced later. Thank you.

Thanks to the new multimedia function provided by Weebly, we have uploaded image galleries & sound clips for your browsing pleasure! Head on to the Media section for a quick look!


Enjoy the latest videos on the OG YouTube channel! Newest vids are Convo 08 Dikir Puteri & KKK AGM Hindustan Medley! Videos from Mlm Gagasan Budaya 09 will be uploaded soon!


The UMP Orquesta just performed Malam Gagasan Budaya held at the astaka. 3 songs were played: Michael Jackson Medley (comprising 2 electric guitars, 1 bass guitar & drums), Taylor Swift's Love Story (add in string, winds & piano), & Mission Impossible Theme. Response was amazing & we'll be enhancing the first 2 songs this Saturday! 

To new UMP students, we welcome you to join in our love for music & share the fun!