UMPO is organizing a one day trip to Bkt Lembing & Sg Lembing on 27th March. The trip comprises a hike up Bkt Lembing to catch the sunrise at the hilltop then a walkabout of the small town, followed by a BBQ & water fun at Sg Lembing. With over 20 members attending, this promises to be a fun trip! Discussion about the event is on-going at Facebook. Stay tuned for updates! 
UMPO created waves at the recent Jom Masuk U event held on 20-21 March at Dataran Mekanikal UMP. UMPO provided 3 sets of music: traditional music (muzik asli & gamelan), contemporary pop music & instrumental melodies. The event was the debut performance of the Crewz band, comprising of members from UMPO crew.

Media is being uploaded so stay tuned! 
Organized by Persatuan Wanita UMP, the concert will be held on 9 April at UMP Sports Complex. Invited celebrities include Faizal Tahir, Amy Search & Farah from Akademi Fantasia 2. UMPO will be among the student groups performing in the concert. Tickets are priced at RM30 & you may purchase them from the Student & Alumni Welfare Office (Pn. Noraklimah Roseli),  Vice-Chancellor's Office (Ms. Siti Sarah Mohamad Rajimi), and Registrar Office (Pn. Noraini Sulaiman) from 8 Mar onwards.

Stay tuned for updates!
A new subpage has been created for Lucky Strike, the new UMPO subsidiary band. More information & media will be uploaded ASAP! Stay tuned to learn more about this group! 
UMPO band & its subsidiary, Lucky Strike band, will be performing at the UMPO Mini Jam on 14 March at the brand-new ampitheater! Promising to bring popular hits, this will be the debut performance of the Lucky Strike band as a component of the UMPO! So head on to the ampitheater and show your support!
UMPO is preparing to perform at the Jom Masuk U! event in UMP. The repertoire is set, the scores are being produced & training will begin this weekend. The music will be different this time & we will feature the new subsidiary band. 

Stay tuned for more updates!