In our bid to gain new performing members, UMPO organized an audition at the studio today (24/1). The judges, made from experienced UMPO members, quizzed candidates on their musical background, skills & showmanship.

Round 2 will be held the following weekend, check memo/announcement for updates! Thanks!
The charity concert was a success: about 300 people attended the concert from nearby schools & from UMP. The concert managed to collect more than RM630 from donations & ticket sales. 

On to more serious stuff: there will be theory classes this Saturday at WBK17 (9am-11am: Grade 1 & 3, 11am-1pm Grade 5 & 6). Practical class will also be held this Saturday 3-5pm at the studio, followed by training at 8-11pm. Attendance is compulsory. 

Thank you.
This is the latest update on the charity concert, folks! The concert aims to raise funds for earthquake victims in Indonesia. The event will be held at 8pm 9 Jan at UMP's Sports Complex. The ticket is priced at RM2 each so do consider contributing to help others in need! 

Training is in progress now, we're doing our best to provide a great show for a great cause!